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computer with IT bubbles The Information Technology (IT) Academy is a course of study for future programmers and coders. Students will learn the fundamentals of computer logic, coding, and programming languages, such as Python, Java, and Javascript. In this program, students are asked to use computational practices, such as algorithm development, data analysis, web design, networks and the internet, and problem solving and programming within the context of problems that are relevant to their lives. They are introduced to current topics, such as computing systems, logic, and database fundamentals, as well as societal and ethical issues. Students explore a range of careers in information technology and computer science as they learn to connect their informal knowledge, technology skills, and beliefs about computing, programming, and software development to the theoretical and foundational tenets of computer science and information systems. Students apply math and science to hands-on projects and explore the roles of computer scientists and programmers as they study the technical skill set, soft skills, educational pathways, and ongoing training required for computing and software development careers. Students examine computing problems that are culturally relevant and address social and ethical issues while engaging in several in-depth projects to demonstrate the real-world applications of computing.


Employment opportunities following high school graduation:

Computer programmer, computer systems analyst, software/applications developer, systems software developer




Dr. Todd Lehman


Mr. Vonkendrick Ginyard