Strategic Plan 2021-2022

Vision NCCVT School District Delivers World-class Career and Technical Programs combined with rigorous academic ciurricula to equip students with 21st century skills that will best serve the State of Delaware and the global community


NCC Vo-Tech School District Believes:

  • All students have the ability to learn and the opportunity to succeed.
  • Our District community has the highest standards and expectations for instruction.
  • Our schools are unique and excel in providing extensive career and technical education opportunities and experiences that prepare students for postsecondary success.
  • It is important to respect and value diversity, creating an environment that is inclusive of all.
  • Business partnerships, community involvement, and family support are essential to our high quality schools.
  • All students are workforce ready upon graduation.


Strategy 1: Authentic Learning

Provide all NCCVT students with standards-based academics and industry relevant career and technical education that applies learning in real-world settings to real-world problems.

Strategy 2: Innovative System of Learning

Provide all NCCVT students with a challenging and innovative education that ensures graduates are ready to pursue their desired postsecondary journey.

Strategy 3: Professional Development

Equip NCCVT educators and support staff with tools to provide students with an education that is personalized, innovative, relevant, and stimulating.

Strategy 4: Communicate the NCCVT Story of Success

Provide ongoing communication that reveals the incredible work accomplished throughout our District consistently and across multiple platforms.

Strategy 5: Improving and Enhancing School Facilities and Infrastructure

Provide a District-wide plan that details building infrastructure upgrades, school campus enhancements and facility improvements.

Strategy 6: Recruiting & Retaining High Quality Teachers, Staff and Administrators

Enhance District recruitment and retention plan to support the most effective and qualified staff to meet the learning needs of all students.