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School to Work Programs

School-To-Work is an initiative designed to improve education for all students of all ages and ability levels. These programs combine classroom/lab instruction with structured on-the-job training. Combined with school-based learning, this approach can be very effective in attracting student interest, improving skills, developing positive work attitudes, and preparing young men and women for high-skill, high-wage careers.

Combining a strong foundation of academics with greater career exploration and experience in today’s workplace brings a new relevance to learning and teaches skills that students can apply to any career choice.

The New Castle County Vocational-Technical School District is committed to providing a variety of school-to-work opportunities for its students. These include:

  • Job Shadowing – Generally a one-day visit to a workplace designed so students can observe someone at work in a specific career field. Students do not perform any work during a job shadowing experience.
  • Mentoring – A student is paired with an adult “role model” who can help him/her with educational and career decisions. Some of the roles and responsibilities of a mentor include: informing the student about workplace norms and customs; providing caring, consistent support and guidance; and setting high expectations and regularly reviewing progress.
  • Internships/Practicum – Paid or unpaid work experience for students that is structured to help demonstrate practical applications for academic learning.
  • Co-operative Employment – A program that combines career and technical coursework with part-time paid work experience during the school year.