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What Makes NCCVT Different?

  • All 38 NCCVT career programs are 10-credit programs, offering three years of comprehensive training. Other CTE programs or pathways typically offer three or six credits.
  • NCCVT programs provide more time to acquire skills, industry recognized credentials, and on-the-job paid training and experience.
  • Our skill-based career instruction is delivered by professionals with years of experience in their specific programs.
  • Our partnerships with more than 400 businesses are the hallmark of our cooperative employment program. 80% of eligible seniors take part in a co-op during their senior year, earning money while also earning credit toward their diploma. Some of those same business partners review our labs, training facilities, tools, and equipment annually to ensure they are up to date.
  • We offer dual enrollment opportunities that provide advanced college credits for students. Students in some career programs can earn enough credits to enter an apprenticeship or college at the second year level.
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