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Graduation Requirements

Under the auspices of the State Board of Education, the New Castle County Vocational Technical School District issues a high school diploma or a certificate of performance. In addition, the NCCVTSD awards a career program certificate to students meeting established criteria. All programs of study meet or exceed state-mandated graduation requirements. A diploma is issued to students who earn the minimum course credits as required by the NCCVT Board of Education.

Credit Requirements For Graduation:

  • 10 Career Program of Study (including exploratory and related/elective vocational courses)
  • 4 English
  • 4 Mathematics (1 must be earned in the senior year. 1 must be in Integrated Mathematics III)
  • 3 Science (1 must be in Biology)
  • 3 Social Studies (1 must be in U.S. History)
  • 1 Physical Education
  • .5 Health
  • 2 World Language

Every senior must earn a minimum of five (5) credits in the senior year. Dual enrollment course credits will be eligible to meet the five (5) credit requirement.

Students may fulfill the two (2) credit World Language requirement by either:

  • Earning a minimum of two (2) World Language credits in the same language or,
  • Demonstrating Novice-high or higher proficiency level on a nationally recognized assessment of language proficiency, except English, in the skill areas or oral or signed expressive and receptive communication, reading, and writing that uses the levels of proficiency as identified by the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Language, or as approved by the Delaware Department of Education.

In the case of students transferring into the NCCVT district, all academic and vocational course credits meeting the requirements of the Delaware Administrative Code will be accepted.


Options for Awarding Credit Toward High School Graduation

The NCCVTSD awards credit toward high school graduation for the following options on the condition that the activities incorporate any applicable state/common core content standards.

  • Courses taken at or through an accredited community college, two or four year college. • Voluntary community service as defined in 14 Del.C. §§8901A and 8902A.
  • Supervised work experience in the school and the community which meets the educational objectives or special career interest of the individual student.
  • Independent study.
  • Distance learning courses. These courses may be delivered by the teacher to the learner in real time, online or by video.
  • High school courses taken while in the middle school in conjunction with an articulated agreement between the district middle school and the district high school(s). Such credit shall also transfer to a high school in another district or to a charter school.
  • Course credit transferred from another high school.
  • Course credit earned through summer or evening school classes, as a member of the military service or as part of the James H. Groves Adult High School.
  • Tutoring programs taught by a teacher certified in the subject being taught.
  • Course credit awarded by agencies or instrumentalities of the state other than public schools which provide educational services to students. A description of the program provided to the student, grades given, and the number of clock hours of instruction or a demonstration of competency must be provided to the school district or charter school prior to receipt of credit.
  • Courses taught by a teacher certified in the subject being taught and credit earned upon demonstration of mastery of the competencies of the particular course.