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World Language

Enhancing knowledge of another culture and language while strengthening knowledge of English grammar.

Starting with the Class of 2015, students will be required to take and pass two years of the same world language in order to be eligible for graduation. Students who are heritage learners (native speakers) or who have extensive experience in reading, writing, and speaking in Spanish may consider the option of ‘testing out’ of one or both levels of Spanish by taking the Assessment of Performance toward Proficiency in Language (AAPPL). This test is offered online through the guidance office and provides realistic role-play scenarios using high-quality audio and video that create real-world tasks. Students interested in pursuing this option should contact their guidance counselor.

The assessment and accompanying credit is compliant to Delaware’s world language state requirements for graduation (Title 14, regulation 505, If a student performs at an N3 or I (novice mid or Intermediate) level on the test in 3 /4 or 4 /4 in the tested skill areas (reading, writing, speaking & listening), the student will earn one high school credit in Spanish. Students may earn two high school credits if they perform at the N4 or I (novice high or Intermediate) level in 3/ 4 or 4 / 4 in the tested skill areas (reading, writing, speaking & listening) on the AAPPL test.

Spanish I (2310) is an introductory course designed to develop communication skills for a global society. Speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills are emphasized. In addition to building proficiency skills, students also develop an appreciation of the customs and culture of Spanish-speaking nations. (1 credit)

Spanish 2 (2320; Co-op 2329) is designed to increase language proficiency and vocabulary. An emphasis is placed on the use of the language in everyday situations. Recommended: Successful completion of Spanish 1. (1 credit)