The Teacher Academy for Early Childhood Education

teacher and studentsThe Teacher Academy for Early Childhood Education is designed to prepare students to enter a number of fields related to the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual care and guidance of children or to prepare them to continue their education in elementary or special education, physical or recreational therapy, social work, and pediatric nursing. Early Childhood Educators nurture young children whose parents are at work or cannot be with them for other reasons. Job duties vary according to the ages of the children, and the amount of supervision received varies with the work setting. The Early Childhood curriculum includes instruction in the planning and supervision of developmentally appropriate activities for children. Other areas of study include safety practices, first aid, human growth and development, community and social problems, basic psychology, nutrition, special needs, program management, and professionalism. Students have an opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge in the laboratory preschool. The demand for Early Childhood Education and privately-owned early learning centers is growing, and for this and other reasons, current trends indicate employment of Early Childhood educators is expected to increase. Students receive certificates in Training in Early Care & Education I & II upon graduation. Early Childhood Education students are able to earn college credit through Tech Prep Agreements with area colleges and dual enrollment.



Infant, Toddler, & Adult CPR/First Aid

Early Learning Foundation

Training in Early Care & Education I & II

Intern Certificate Early Childhood and School Age Care


Employment opportunities available after high school graduation with certificates:

Before/after-school Counselor, Summer Camp Counselor, Early Care and Education Assistant/Teacher, Home/Child Care Provider, Child Advocate


Employment opportunities requiring specialized training after high school graduation:

Social Worker, Elementary School Teacher, Middle/Secondary Education, Early Childhood Director/Owner Operator, Paraeducator, Additional careers related to children and families




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Ms. Nicole Bowe