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bricks and hardhatMasons build walls, partitions, fireplaces, and other structures with brick, concrete, and other masonry materials. Masons use hand tools such as trowels, brick hammers, levels, chisels, and rules. Power saws are often used for cutting and fitting bricks and other masonry materials as specified by blueprints. Masons derive satisfaction and pride from the permanent structures they build in and around the community. People who enjoy working outdoors in a highly active and physically challenging setting with above average earnings will profit from a career in Masonry. The Masonry course of study encompasses the tools and techniques of bricklaying, concrete work and stonework. Students will be expected to purchase work clothes and some tools and supplies. Advanced students specialize and obtain practical experience working on actual building sites.





Advanced placement in the Trade Apprenticeship Program is available for highly qualified graduates through Tech Prep and NCCER Level I.


Employment opportunities available after high school graduation:

Bricklayer, Stucco and Concrete Paver


Employment opportunities requiring apprenticeship training after high school:

Bricklayer, Fire Brick Installer, Marble & Tile Setter, Stone Mason, Masonry Maintenance


Employment opportunities requiring 2-years of specialized training after high school: 

Construction Manager



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