Welding/Fabrication Technologies

man weldingWelding is the process of joining similar metals using a high-intensity electric arc. The arc melts and fuses the base metals. In most cases, a filler metal is melted along with the base metal in order to strengthen the joint. The finished product is as strong as, or even stronger than, the base metals that have been joined.

Qualified welders are in high demand all over the world. Typically, welding tasks may include working in heavy construction; joining pipe sections for oil and natural gas pipelines; building ships; and working in a variety of industrial environments, such as power plants, refineries, chemical plants, and manufacturing facilities. This demand, the high-skill requirements, and the working conditions, which are often difficult, combine to make the earnings in the welding field above average to excellent.




American Welding Society


Advanced placement in a Trade Apprenticeship Program is available for qualified graduates through Tech Prep and NCCER Level 1.


Employment opportunities requiring apprenticeship training after high school:

Pipe Welder, Pipe Fitter, Structural Steel Welder, Steel Fabricator, Iron Worker, Maintenance Welder, Construction Welding



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