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Athletic Healthcare Services


Athletic Healthcare Services prepares individuals, under the supervision of a certified athletic trainer, to implement treatment care plans, train patients, conduct treatment interventions, use equipment, and observe and record patient progress. It includes instruction in applied anatomy and physiology, applied kinesiology, principles and procedures of athletic health care, basic neurology and orthopedics, physical therapy modalities, documentation skills, psychosocial aspects of health care, wound and injury care, electrotherapy, orthotics and prostheses, and personal and professional ethics. Training in this career area will prepare graduates to work as Athletic Healthcare Aides, but it may also be used as a foundation for technical/community college study leading to Physical Therapy Assistant or positions in Exercise Science, Sports Medicine, and other Allied Health professions. Students should be aware that while the number of openings in the field of Allied Health is likely to remain high for the foreseeable future, entry into post-secondary programs required to obtain those positions is very competitive at present. The high demand for people in this profession, plus the satisfaction that comes from helping others, make this a rewarding career choice. Students may earn certification in First Aid and CPR/AED.



First Aid and CPR/AED


Employment opportunities available after high school graduation:

Physical Therapy Aide, Medical Aide, Medical Assistant Aide


Employment opportunities with 2-year degree:

Physical Therapy Assistant, Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Allied Health Careers




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