To help ninth grade students make informed career decisions, achieve academic success, and transition smoothly into high school. Through the emphasis of principled behaviors toward self, adults, and peers, the DFTA will help to develop a confident, contributory student whose individual strengths will build a stronger school community.


Informed Career Decisions

Through the six 9th grade career exploratory rotations students will experience different facets of each career area.

Academic Success

To increase the percentage of students who meet the standard on the Delaware Student Testing Program (DSTP).

Transition Success

To facilitate a smooth transition into high school by providing strategies through the Freshman Seminar course curriculum.

Program Description

The Ninth Grade Transition Academy team is comprised of six career exploratory instructors and academic instructors. The vocational piece of the ninth grade year is broken down into 4 phases.

Phase 1 – Marking Periods 1 & 2

Through six 14-day courses, instructions focuses on the following topics: Career Assessment/Exploratory, Computer Literacy, Technical Applications, Health and Safety Issues in the Work Place, Interview and Reading.

Phase 2 – Marking Periods 3

Through six 6-day courses, instruction focuses on five employable skills: public speaking, resume writing, business ethics and business etiquette, study skills, conflict resolution and organizational skills.

Phase 3 – Marking Period 4 (1st 5 Weeks)

Students attend the career areas that they have been placed in. The curriculum includes theory and hands-on activities that relate to the career area.

Phase 4 – Marking Period 4 (2nd 4 Weeks)

Students return to the DFTA instructors to do their “Freshman Project” – creating a business. This final project integrates the skills which they have acquired throughout the year: employability, academic and technical