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Applying for 10th Grade

For Ninth Grade Applicants Seeking Admission to Grade 10

For 2022-23: Very limited spots are available for 9th graders to apply to NCCVT to enter in 10th grade, and only in five programs with space available. Applicants should review the list of career programs listed below before completing the application. Applicants for 10th grade may apply only to the career programs and schools listed on or after April 15, 2022.



How to Apply (after April 15)

The NCCVT Application Forms for Grade 10 must be completed online at Please do not use the current application for 8th grade students entering 9th grade. The application should be submitted online by May 20 to the NCC Vo-Tech Office of Admissions and must include:

  • NCCVT school and career program area from the four choices listed above
  • A copy of the most recent 9th grade report card
  • Report card must include attendance information
  • Admissions Notification

Grade 9 applicants who apply between April 15 to May 20 will be notified in early to mid-summer.