How and When Will I Be Notified If I Am Admitted?

Admissions Notification

The NCC Vo Tech Admissions policy is to provide as many students as possible the opportunity to attend. Safety considerations in the schools’ career labs and available classroom space limit the number of students who can be accommodated each year.

Eighth grade students who have applied by the second Wednesday in January, and who are selected for admission to Delcastle, Hodgson, Howard, or St. Georges Vo Tech high schools will be notified in early March. Students must verify their acceptance by filing a Student Registration Form within three weeks of their notification. All admissions acceptances are provisional until the student is considered promoted. (See Delaware Promotion Requirements below.)

Students who are not offered admission will also be notified in early March. These students may be given the opportunity for reconsideration if openings occur. (See Applicant Reconsideration information below.)

Delaware Promotion Requirements

Admission assignment for all eighth-grade students is provisional until receipt of the student’s final eighth-grade report card. Students must meet their present school district and state requirements for promotion (which includes earning a passing final grade in English and at least one other core academic class – Math, Science, or Social Studies) in order to attend a NCC Vo Tech high school. Students who are offered admission but fail to meet their school district and state promotion requirements are not eligible to attend a NCC Vo Tech high school.

Applicant Reconsideration
Some students who are offered admission to a Vo Tech high school may not be able to accept. This will create a small number of openings for students who originally were not offered admission.

Students who have not been offered an assignment and who wish to be reconsidered should submit an updated report card, such as a copy of a 2nd, 3rd, and/or 4th marking period report card, to the Office of Admissions, NCC Vo-Tech School District, 1417 Newport Road, Wilmington, DE 19804. As openings occur, the Office of Admissions will notify any student who, upon reconsideration, is selected for admission.

Who to Contact

If you have questions or need additional information, contact Admissions Coordinator Debbie Dolde at 302-995-8035 or email [email protected].