NCCVT protocols for sporting events

To ensure the continued safety of our athletes, coaches, and fans at high capacity sporting events, NCCVT implemented new protocols during the 2022-2023 school year. It includes cut-off times for ticket sales, a new bag policy, additional contracted staffing, and metal detectors, all of which have become commonplace at college and professional sporting events, concerts, airports, and other venues where large crowds gather. 

This short video provides an overview of our plan, which was researched for several months as a way to provide the safest possible environment during our home games. This is a proactive measure and is not in response to any threats, concerns, or specific incidents. 

Signage is being ordered for each NCCVT school and will include the following key points:

  •  Electronic ticket required for entry
  •  No re-entry at any time
  •  No entry after halftime
  •  No outside food or drinks permitted
  •  No alcohol, tobacco, vape products, or illegal substances
  •  Clear bags or no bags for all spectators other than the host school's students. All bags will be subject to search.
  •  NCCVT reserves the right to deny admission

As a reminder, ticket sales are available on each school's website. During this pilot program, tickets must be purchased before 11:59 p.m. the day before the game. 

All of us at NCCVT thank you in advance for your cooperation and continued support.