ESSER III Plan: Safe Return to In-Person Instruction/Continuity of Services

NCCVT is committed to ensuring our students are successful. COVID19 has presented significant challenges, and our 2021-22 school year plan is the third stage of our learning and support focus.

Stage 1 focused on Starting Strong and introducing our student to online virtual learning. Stage 2 transitioned our students to Staying Strong and implementing levels of in-person instruction. Our 3rd Stage is designed to support our students and ensure they are Back on Track. Our plan covers four major areas of focus to support the whole child and is designed to do the following:

· Ensure a successful transition to the new school year with a focus on re-engaging our students to a safe in-person learning environment.

· Develop and implement robust on-grade level learning experiences for our students in both our Career and Technical Education areas and our academic classes.

· Develop supportive structures designed to assist any of our students with unfinished learning.

· Design a network to support our students’ social and emotional needs.

To view the plan, see the attached files in English and Spanish below.