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Building Automation Systems

Ipad with building blueprintsAdvancements in technology and the need for increased efficiency are just two reasons why Building Automation Systems are being installed in most new buildings and many older ones. A shining example of Building Automation Systems can be found in the renovated Howard High School of Technology. Workers with the understanding of HVAC and electrical principles and the Building Automation Systems that maximize energy efficiency are expected to be in demand for many years to come. One major Delaware provider of Building Automation Systems stated that “There is a severe shortage of employees with the technical interests, skills and qualities needed in our workplace.” Building Automation Systems are a consideration in virtually all new Commercial construction. Surveys of area employers currently involved in the HVAC, fire protection, security, audio-visual and electrical trades bear out the need for trained personnel, with some contractors increasing their BAS specialist force by between 65 and 200 % in just the past couple of years.


Greenhouse Gas


10 Hour OSHA Training Card

CFC-EPA Certification

Residential Electronics Systems

Integrator (RESI)


Employment opportunities available after high school:

Students graduating from this program will have the coursework required to become Building Automation Systems technicians and controls technicians.

Employment opportunities requiring apprenticeship after high school: 

Students will advance to HVAC and BAS Service Techs and HVAC installers and repairmen after a period of apprenticeship.


Mr. William Maxwell